Are You Asking Your Child For A Vaccination?

Many of us do a little bit of everything in our lives. It’s that way for the parents as well: we juggle all sorts of duties and responsibilities, from becoming accomplished musicians to owning a small business. And as for school kids, we do everything with them, from folding laundry to accompanying our kids on field trips.

All these things add up to a weighty responsibility. I am sure when we pulled off the carpet and threw away the diapers (thankfully, we could afford to not have to do this every time,) our big family of four felt all the responsibility we wished our child had felt when he was our age. And as for those caretakers, there is no doubt they experience the same level of weightiness when it comes to being responsible for managing our kids, and bringing them up in a safe environment.

Does the government have the right to tell us how we may or may not raise our children? The answer is no. Your children are yours and yours alone to raise.

The vaccine bandwagon must come to a screeching halt. A double duty, burdensome and absurd because vaccination mandates are demeaning to both the mothers and fathers that love, nurture and protect their children. Also, it is a self-inflicted burden because it is antithetical to who we are as people: parents caring for our children.

Parenting is the peak of adulthood. As parents, we make mistakes and learn from them. And also, as a person, we let things go and move on.

What about a new school year? The all-important fall vaccines are required, a feat no one takes lightly.

Why does the government feel the need to put parents through this barrage of bureaucracy? Have they done their research? It is all basically fake science: anti-vaccine “studies” that are actually political cover for the same diseases that “vaccines” are intended to prevent.

Parents do not have the ability to make the difficult decision regarding vaccinations for their child at such a young age.

Since vaccines are administered, not just for very young children, but for all school age children, the burden of making vaccinations mandatory falls upon the parents. Also, due to the way that we are educated, we think we have the ability to make the difficult decision regarding vaccinations for our child at such a young age. Wrong.

Who will have the burden of the vaccination mandates? Not the parent who is expected to pay and follow through with required vaccinations. With the parent of the child under their care footing the bill for compliance.

I am hoping, from my personal experiences as a parent of a 19-month-old child, that parents of vaccinated children will grow wise. The non-vaxxer parents that stand in front of doors spreading false information will have to face the fact that they have now given their child a potential stroke of bad luck. They no longer have their duty to their child in mind. By making the decision to accept vaccine mandates, your child will need them.

Not only that, but the vaccines that are currently recommended as being necessary for your child may not be for your child if they no longer live in the human body (such as exposure to viruses). As more and more evidence has come to light about the dangers of the vaccine regimen, many organizations have been vocal in their opposition.

Many of us who are vaccine concerned parents have been persistently hard at work and praying that we will see the day when this issue will be resolved and that no one will be required to be vaccinated, for any reason.

It is time for us to stop siding with people who have an agenda against vaccines, the scientific community, parents and children. They are doing more harm than good, and they need to stop.

Let’s support research, share and participate in science. Let’s support our fellow parents who have been forced into a fearful and painful situation.

As a parent of a 19-month-old child, I must speak out and urge you to do the same.

Sarah Corsi is a freelance writer who has had great success as a television writer and producer for comedy shows, including “The Big Bang Theory,” “Mary Kay and Co.” and “Saturday Night Live.” Follow her on Twitter @sarahcorsi.

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