Brazil’s soccer legend Pelé is in hospital with cancer

Brazilian football icon Pelé was admitted to a Rio de Janeiro hospital last week after the request of his family. The statement on his website said that he was receiving treatment for adenocarcinoma, a rare form of cancer.

“Pelé underwent surgery as part of treatment for the metastatic adenocarcinoma,” his family said. “He has been treated satisfactorily.”

The statement added that he remained hospitalized for treatment and that his doctors were still assessing the situation. In an interview with Globo, he confirmed that he was expected to stay in the hospital for the next few days. His doctors have said that the treatment to remove the tumor was successful.

Adenocarcinoma is also known as sarcoma. Pelé’s son had previously warned fans of being concerned about his father’s health. “There is no question of anybody putting too much pressure on him,” he said. “He is the greatest of all time and he knows it.”

Pelé, who was born in São Paulo, was the first player to net a goal in his first game and is widely recognized as one of the greatest players of all time. He retired from soccer in 1975 and has since become a respected politician. He was elected to parliament in 1991 and was Brazil’s first Minister of Culture in 1995.

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