DC wants to ban dangerous creeper plant because some of them kill people

The city has finally realized that its lax attitude towards dangerous stray animals might just be killing people and hurting the city’s business climate.

A gentleman with a penchant for making foreign sounds to deter predators has been a nuisance in the past. Walking three to four times a day carrying a yellow tool bag and a branch with an unknown object inside was a problem. He cut the cables with rusty knives and plastic construction bits that were available on the streets, and killed the stoats and weasels that used the wires. Weeds in and around the trim around the trees had arms made of copper wire and claw sharp spikes.

The city responded by banning an invasive plant called cow parsnip on three major surface streets in the historic neighborhood of Dupont Circle. The city says it will post signs warning drivers about the plant, which can grow to more than two feet tall and prevent motorists from seeing pedestrians.

For most of the past year, Dupont Circle businesses, residents and advocacy groups say they have pestered the city to do something about the problem.

The plant only grows in the Dupont Circle area and is common in other states, according to the Dupont Circle Historic District Association. City officials say it is particularly attractive because of its bright, yellow bloomy flowers. Most also noted the plant is invasive.

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