Norway is the latest nation to report outbreak of cyclospora

An outbreak of cyclospora in Norway is believed to be the biggest outside South Africa, health authorities said on Saturday. A spate of cases had been reported this summer, as per the BBC, many of which were sickened after consuming fruit at a Christmas party, which is why the country has been focussed on it since.

An analysis of the outbreak also suggested that some of the individuals are of African ancestry, something that may “accurately” indicate that the parasite travels from plants, rather than travellers, norovirus. As reported by The Guardian, the parasite—which causes sickness, diarrhoea and, in some cases, liver damage—causes diarrhea and vomiting, but it takes years to become symptomatic. Norovirus is the most common cause of acute gastroenteritis outbreaks worldwide and spreads easily.

Officials said that the source of the outbreak is still unclear and that additional investigations would be conducted. Health authorities in South Africa also have to face this larger challenge of finding a source. Tissue or stool samples of people who were at the Christmas party will be tested, alongside other surveillance methods. While the body of the fungus or plant were not tested, samples were taken to support the theory that this might be the source of the outbreak.

Read the full story at The Guardian.


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