Stagnant economic times can bring happy families together: Italy, $299,000

Four people (three European expats and one Canadian) ended up with the typical stucco villa in Italy’s Garibaldi capital of Padua for the sum of $399,000 after they got their first reading. “In the apartment blocks next door you can find $1 million houses,” says U.S. expat Ray Smith who was the brains behind the project.

Like others who are active on real estate sites, the group apparently registered a property with a real estate agent the day before the purchase. As the interior designer Tarla Dalva says, “The agent didn’t check out what kind of character it had, it’s a house for the community. It’s hard to come by a big house for the price of what we did.” What they actually bought in Turati is currently valued by the Italian estate agency at 250,000 Euros (more than $300,000 USD). (Their selling price was 45,000 Euros, or around $50,000.)

Here are more images:

Photos: Tarla Dalva

Country in Italy: Italy

Type of Land in Italy: Preserve: Woodlands/The countryside

Vertical Development: Village: 4+ apartments

Area: 34 hectares

Area: 2 dwellings

Architects: Dalva Architecture & Design, Italy

Implantation: Acrylic and Concrete

A-Frame (: )

Braces: Pin and Brace –

Driveway: Retro-

No. of Units: 10 (1 room with approximately 8 sq ft.)

Price Per Unit: 500 Euros ($567 USD)

TOTAL SITE: $299,000 ($399,000)

Location: El Pescador

Neighborhood: Garibaldi

Project Focused on: “The Unique Palazzo”

Appointment: March 13 – April 2

Contact: Emily Farrow and Jomana Sabbah

[email protected] / 954-758-8206; [email protected] / 954-758-8174

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