The incredible African streetwear collection

Written by By Anna Adams, CNN

Accessories are a lens through which to view the daily lives of the locals in Johannesburg. Whether it’s locally designed bracelets and fedoras, or designer eyewear and oversized bags, the accessory markets show us a side of the city we might otherwise miss. The designers behind SA Chai , the Eastwick , and Carrinko — with their sense of taste and rebelliousness — are leading the charge. Scroll down for our picks.

1. Weekender (South Africa, 2017)

Weekender | Sid Baugh and Laura Moreira are co-founders of South Africa-based accessories brand, SA Chai. Credit: Laura Moreira

The tapestry of traditional tweed fabrics, colored with a use of bright and bold dye, is a visual delight. The hoodies are equal parts sportswear and itchy denim. The button-down shirts are ill-fitting but effective. I’m surprised by how much I really love them; they give off an incredible light scent that’s slightly forgotten after the next morning’s walk to work.

Sid Baugh and Laura Moreira

Founded in February 2017, South Africa-based SA Chai turns out vibrant scarves and fanny packs that leave you feeling like you’ve been floating through the country for days. Expats and expat orine, bj, brc, native, dvfor, local and WTT (you know) are all celebrated. We constantly aim to mix Asian and African designs so we think that is evident in these pieces.

Mattia Grasso

When we arrived in Johannesburg, we quickly picked up the addictive trend of layered headgear: big hats on backward baseball caps and hats with bells on either side, that accentuate the photosque sunsets and sweeping harbor views.

Mai Khan


With the blur of flying flights and trekking through the dusty hills of the Eastern Cape, we really needed a cross-body bag that would actually be easy to throw on and off again — something light and breathable. Once we started creating, we decided to collaborate with designers Kai Roth and Laventia Rolle. Kai had already started to make crocheted bags in the same colorful, tribal prints. With a combination of Kai’s and Laventia’s designs came about a unique and colorful cross-body bag, called “Simozwelelele.”

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Subula Rolle and Kai Roth

Open to the public and really making use of the Central Business District of the city, Carrinko shares a space with Creative Engineering. This includes work by some of our favourite Nigerian designers and the sustainable accessories line, Of the Ocean . The tiny shop is stylish, cheerful and full of bright ceramics, locally made jewelry and fashion jewelry.

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