An Interview with Entrepreneur Network’s Sidney Currey

The C.E.O. Other C.E.O.s Turn to for Advice An exclusive Q&A with Sidney Currey, an entrepreneur who has helped many other business owners along the way.

A lot of entrepreneurs don’t realize there’s a lot of knowledge out there that they can access if they seek it.

I always remind people they should start off by talking to the people that they are following and learning about the most successful business owners and captains of industry.

Even if you do end up following a lifestyle that differs from theirs, you can still incorporate a lot of their approaches and business philosophies into your business.

What is your advice for an entrepreneur without formal business training?

Stick to your passion. You’re doing it for the right reasons, and work hard to achieve your goal. Many have told me to change my mission statement, but I’m happy to say that’s impossible! My mission statement is essentially, “I will be the CEO other C.E.O.s turn to.”

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Personally, if I could only request one piece of advice from a successful businessman, it would be to pay close attention to your brain.

I’ve personally witnessed many entrepreneurs that are brilliant on paper, but they simply haven’t mastered the basics. Do you make an effort to take an analytical and critical stance on your daily tasks and bills? Do you make a point to write down the definition of ideas that you have? All of these measures will put you in a better position to manage your business as you move forward.

What are the biggest mistakes you see entrepreneurs make?

Your team is your most valuable asset, so make sure they are happy and are motivated to bring your vision to life. I’ve had many entrepreneurs who seemed to have great product ideas, but they just couldn’t manage their teams.

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Have the goal of creating a brand that can easily integrate with media channels. Many fail because they create a product that is too niche and exclusive to a very small audience.

If there is a way your product can integrate with popular platforms, please invest in this.

What is the single biggest thing you want people to remember from this article?

Not just in business, but in life, don’t give up! The harder you work, the luckier you get.

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