Mother reunited with son abducted at birth after 14 years

A Chinese couple were reunited with their kidnapped son on Sunday after a harrowing 14-year search. Yong Tian made headlines last week for his long and bitter separation from his parents in Shanghai as he tried to find his missing birth mother. At the age of 18, he finally identified his birth mother as Luo Chenxiao who had taken him from hospital, taking him away from his own parents at the time, at the age of one. Dong Hongwu, Dong’s adoptive father, said that his son’s initial “disbelief” at seeing his birth mother but also her assertion that she wanted the pair to reunite have caused the reunion to take place now. “They were unable to connect because the child was born with a rare disease that was physically challenging,” Dong said. Luo, who spent 18 years in a Chinese jail for illegal detention after fleeing the country, explained that she moved to an undisclosed location before beginning her work in India. She also said that she was trying to help Chinese police apprehend Dong’s biological father who is still at large in Shanghai.

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