‘Succession’ Gets Best Reaction of Any New TV Show from a Pundit

“Succession” has received more Critics Choice Awards nominations than any other TV show. The reaction was overwhelming.

The show – which premiered at the end of April – follows the dysfunctional executive family of Logan Roy (Jeremy Strong) whose youngest son, Logan III Roy (Brian Cox), makes it to CEO of Roy Industries.

Netflix announced Monday the series received four Critics Choice nominations, the most of any show. They were for Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series (Strong), Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (Hugh Dillon), and Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (Joanna Vanderham).

The reviews have been diverse and praised the show.

The biggest take-away was the depth of the story and how human drama can exist in a world so intense and futuristic. The drama balanced drama and comedy, and the writing earned heavy praise. The show’s depiction of a family, who may not always be there for each other, yet love each other with the depth of a marriage or a family, is a great showcase for actors in television, because no one scene on the show was unrelated to the next. In fact, about a minute or two into the season finale – the episode in which Alec Baldwin, who plays the patriarch of the Roy family, Donald Roy – was written out of the show, fans saw more than what we’d expect to see on the screen at this point. The recent season five of “The Americans” was a great example of the way a third or fourth season can better tell a story.

A recent ‘Television Tonight’ article gave praise to the show: “Over the course of the first season ‘Succession’ explored the many complicated factions of a family – including the children and the elder Roy family patriarch, Donald Roy (Alan Arkin) – who are all vying for power and dominance in an ill-defined but quickly expanding media empire.”

On the silver-lining side of things, expect more trailer-based reading material from “Succession” to arrive in the media – and it won’t be of much material positive to the Roys.

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