Bus lane-related confusion remains an issue on The Esplanade

Bus lane-related confusion remains an issue, Fox News anchor Major Garrett reports.

You’ve probably driven on The Esplanade on your way to work. (Picture a very green and very busy downtown Tampa). On your commute, how often have you been wondering or confused about this new bus lane on The Esplanade?

Fox News’ Major Garrett, who has covered the Florida bridge collapse that collapsed in 2009, had an interesting comment about that story: “Wouldn’t it be great if this bicycle track was half as traffic-control as a bridge collapsed on the tracks below?” — Major Garrett

“Even though they’ve stopped short of planning for it, people are still surprised to see it,” a spokesperson from County Tampa said.

Still, the new lane exists, but it is new. So, there is a lack of signage and experienced drivers are confused about whether or not it is legal to use the bus lane on The Esplanade.

FOX News found that “about 40 percent of drivers that travel on the Esplanade would use the bus lane for the trip they take it to work,” the Tampa Regional Transit Authority stated.

So, if you want to take advantage of this lane during your morning commute, the Hillsborough County Highway Advisory Board (HCSHAB) recommends “creating an ‘interior lane’ on the travel lanes for use for buses” or using a ‘payment system’ that would send bus drivers a meter-like notification that they would be able to use the lane.

The HCSHAB is working on adding signage on The Esplanade. The Hillsborough County Highway Advisory Board meeting is on Thursday.

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