Thinking Outside The Bag: Curb the City of Seoul With The Best Speed Bumps in the World

(Credit: JOOM)

The city of Seoul, South Korea, is considering taking a novel approach to congestion by putting high-tech streets to use.

Plans for the city center, which would be known as “10-minute city,” feature a series of speed bumps and potholes on urban streets.

Transportation expert Thomas McCarthy, who studied the details of the plan, told the Korea Times that the speed bumps were not meant to punish drivers – but would cut down on the amount of time it takes to drive around the city center. The speed bumps will raise the speed limit on some streets from 12 to 20 km/h (7.2 to 11.6 mph).

The cost of the project is $16 million. Of that, $12 million would be spent on the speed bumps.

“The place now is a grid. It’s pretty empty. The 10-minute city will be more pedestrian-friendly and people will be encouraged to live there and commute around it,” said McCarthy.

Sources: KOREA TIMES, CBS News / Photo credit: JOOM

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