Confused by the new bus lane and the lack of signage on The Esplanade? You’re not alone

There are already plenty of clear warning signs along the seafront – why not make them larger and more visible? Plus, why are the new markings so soft that there is almost no tactile marking? We want to hear from readers

Confused by the new bus lane and the lack of signage on The Esplanade? You’re not alone

If you drive along The Esplanade this week, you’ll be dismayed to see the flyover blocked off by something brown, white and rough.

The new bus lane and lights now reflect the new road markings and have replaced the opposite signs and platform markings. However, the first signs were quite obvious – blue ones with a blue cone.

The removed orange road markings on the roundabout at The Esplanade. Photograph: Annabel Goring-Hill

I used to love the orange-and-white pictorial signposts on the road that went with the purple road markings. They were large, bright and striking. I was very surprised to see them gone when I saw the changes.

Of the new permanent, large speed limit signs, I have encountered only three – one at the roundabout at The Esplanade, and two on Great Dixter in Shrewsbury. There is nothing physical or concrete to warn drivers they are now passing a bus lane. No lane markings along the seafront or the roundabout at The Esplanade and only a few of them in Shrewsbury.

I presume the rest will be replaced by post-Christmas, as the RAC says this summer’s work will be complete. I wonder why there is nothing on the new bus lane itself with painted lanes like the old ones, and why some of the new markings are very soft. I’m happy with some of the signage but not that so many others have not been painted at all.

If there are major concerns about the level of speed permitted down The Esplanade, where isn’t there a solid road speed sign, not painted or in images but in a good solid object that you can read with a hand lens and that drivers can interpret without taking their eyes off the road?

What do you think?

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