Photos: DC soccer players take a knee on their way home from stadium

Team: The red, white and blue hats were flung in celebration, and people cheered.

Banners (maybe four of them): “Onward and Upward.”

The finish line: 15-17th, and a football field away from the stadium that let the Revolution control their own game.

There’s plenty of potential for spontaneous wildness during games and any other interaction at soccer matches — especially in North America, where there’s a strong soccer culture. But what about on a team bus?

That’s where fans take control. They yell and scream for goals, for more controversy and excitement. And their teammates come to them.

But there’s nothing like returning to the stadium after an emotional three-hour bus ride. It’s there that you can find a little reminder of home, as new soccer players find the feeling of support from their supporters. The boys of the Revolution have been doing just that for seven weeks as they prepare for the 2015 Major League Soccer season.

Reporter Jess Carter and photographer Magdalena Eriksson got together to talk about how the players take a knee when they get off the bus.

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