Junior’s says it’s out of cream cheese

When it’s cold outside and chocolate-covered popcorn is as sweet as sugar, but not that good, where do you turn? Well, if you’re Junior’s, dairy-free ice cream may be the answer. The family-owned ice cream shop confirmed that it is running out of pints of cream cheese.

“Due to a shortage of cream cheese at various facilities, we are currently running out of cream cheese,” Junior’s wrote in a Facebook message to customers. “We are trying to work with the source to have it replenished ASAP. I want to sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.”

To make matters worse, before the mini cone-with-cream-cheese-inne, the shop only had two flavors of organic cream cheese on hand: vanilla and chocolate.

Junior’s reassured customers that its limited supply was a temporary issue caused by “complications at a cream cheese supplier.” The ice cream shop also pledged to have more available once that happened.

There’s good news for those who live in the Washington area. According to KIMB President Adam DiNapoli, the main U.S. cream cheese producer told them that production was back to normal after they visited him. According to local media, this includes Thomas Hardy Creamery in Maryland and Wimm-Bill-Dann.

DiNapoli says the one real difference between this and the last time the company was in trouble is that this time he and his sister ran the crisis response rather than their father.

For the record, Ken DiNapoli is the Sr. VP of KIMB. In his defense, most people in the industry that we spoke to say DiNapoli is an incredible organizer and manager of times like this.

Wimm-Bill-Dann has replaced Junior’s cream cheese with “Cast Away-style cones with cream cheese on the outside” and diNapoli recommends trying them along with “Hellman’s whipped cream and fresh strawberries.”

You can check out a picture below of an empty stand counter on the retail section of the store, filled with on a stack of unmolded miniature cones that look more like “refrigerator mugs.”

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