Global city cost of living rises – and falls – year-on-year

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The cost of living was up year-on-year in 115 cities and down in 101

The cost of living rose year-on-year in 115 cities across the world in April, with Hong Kong and Singapore both performing better than the national average.

And the biggest fall in the past year was recorded in Zurich, Switzerland.

Worldwide, individual cities are rising with a single cause: inflation.

Among the places to record declining prices were Montevideo, Uruguay, and Muscat, Oman.

At the other end of the scale, Kennebunkport, Maine, had its first year-on-year increase.

While the increases were up year-on-year in April, they were lower than in March.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption This city in Geneva, Switzerland, has the world’s highest annual cost of living

Cities of the 20 biggest economies were in almost unison when it came to rising prices in April, the figures show.

Brazil’s São Paulo and Mexico City both rose by 1.1%.

Asia led the growth in April, followed by Europe and then the Americas.


Most expensive city Index Country City (inpt) China Hong Kong Singapore Canada Tokyo Nairobi USA Atlanta, USA Minsk, Belarus Argentina Istanbul, Turkey San Francisco, USA London, UK Ntafuqota, South Africa Frankfurt, Germany Baku, Azerbaijan Nairobi, Kenya Paris, France Copenhagen, Denmark Antwerp, Belgium Taipei, Taiwan Beijing, China Auckland, New Zealand Los Angeles, USA Seoul, South Korea Copenhagen, Denmark Sao Paulo, Brazil Edinburgh, Scotland Tokyo, Japan Bonn, Germany Geneva, Switzerland San Francisco, USA Brussels, Belgium London, UK Beijing, China Vienna, Austria Munich, Austria Stockholm, Sweden Geneva, Switzerland Vienna, Austria Abu Dhabi, UAE Auckland, New Zealand Lima, Peru Basel, Switzerland Oslo, Norway

The cost of living in Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan shot up while India’s Mumbai and Mumbai in Mumbai, India saw inflation drop significantly.

The city which topped the list for the fastest rising prices in April was Nanning, China.

In April 2017 it was named the world’s most expensive city for the second year running.

Falling inflation in Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh also helped Copenhagen to top the table of city-wide inflation, while Bangkok’s prices rose the most over the past year, led by transportation.

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